Grab a Mediterranean Sandwich and Baklava for Dessert at Balkan Grill


Switch out your PBJ for a tasty sandwich at Balkan Grill today. With more than ten different European and Mediterranean inspired sandwiches, plus plenty to customize, you’ll have lots of choices throughout the week to keep your taste buds happy.

Try a Pikata Chicken Schnitzel or an Adana burger, homemade with chilies and herbs on hot, daily baked bread. There’s also much more to choose from if you’re not in the sandwich mood; try the various kebabs, salads or Turkish pizzas, or for a simple appetizer, share a Balkan Grill sampler with baba ganoush, dolma, cigar borek, ezme and mucver served with fresh baked pita. For something sweet, you have to try some classic baklava! Eat at Balkan Grill at one of the small tables, or take your order to go. Perfect for quick, fresh and healthy meals, this is sure to become a staple for a lunch time stop or weeknight dinner.