Refresh Yoga Center Offers Vinyasa, Power Yoga, Candlelit Classes and More


More than just a yoga studio, you’ll find Refresh Yoga Center a relaxing urban yoga retreat from your busy life. The welcoming staff and ambiance will immediately help you feel at ease when you enter so you let go of the day and focus on your practice. Primarily focusing on Vinyasa flow yoga, Refresh offers all different level classes from foundational through power yoga, private lessons, teacher trainings and much more. Stop in for a Friday night candlelight yoga for a real treat at the end of your week!

New students to yoga might consider enrolling in the beginner’s series. For only $75, you'll get four classes spanning four weeks that will provide a small group attention to your individual needs as you are introduced to the yoga movements, breath and class style. This is appropriate for brand new students, as well as those that may have tried some before and are ready to take it a little further. Refresh Yoga Center is one of the most highly regarded yoga studios in the area, and for good reason!