Build Strength and Flexibility at Pilates ProWorks


If you're ready to take a step up in your fitness routine, consider checking out Pilates ProWorks. This excellent Queen Street gym is one of the best places in the Alexandria area for an intense, varied workout.

The signature workout in this gym is called Pilates Pro. It’s a high-energy workout designed to exercise all of your major muscle groups. You and your fellow group members work individually to the sound of energetic music, which helps to create a supportive and inspiring environment. If you’re in the mood to try something even more invigorating, MatBox might be just the thing for you. This intense workout starts with kickboxing against a punching bag, then uses pilates to build your core strength. After that, you’ll cool down with a calming round of yoga to help you feel centered and refreshed. Stop by soon to see how these routines work for you!