El Pollo Ranchero Dishes Out Tex-Mex Fare and Peruvian Rotisserie Chicken


The chef doesn't add any oil or butter to the chicken at El Pollo Ranchero. Here, the added fat isn't necessary, thanks to the traditional Peruvian cooking method. The chef skewers whole chickens, rubs them with a signature blend of house-made spices, and then roasts them slowly over natural charcoal. The process allows the chicken to cook to perfectly tender and juicy, imparting a smoky flavor without adding anything other than the fresh spices.

Come to El Pollo Ranchero to dig into a pollo entero, or whole chicken, with friends or family. You can also order a quarter-chicken to devour by yourself with a pair of sides. In addition to the signature Peruvian chicken, this eatery also offers a variety of inventive Tex-Mex dishes. Enjoy a classic eat like the Burrito de Carne Molida, a burrito packed with ground beef, guacamole, and sour cream. Or enjoy something more unique, like the Tipico #1 Combo, which includes an empanada, a pupusa, some of the Peruvian chicken, and fried yucca on the side.