Treat Yourself to Something Sweet at Old Town Dolci Gelati Café


Sidestep the hustle and bustle of King Street into a little piece of sugary paradise at Old Town Dolci Gelati Café. This café is part coffee shop and part gelateria, and open bright and early each day to help you get your day started on the right note. 

The coffee menu has all the basics, plus nitro cold brew and a selection of freshly baked pastries — but good luck passing the gelato display case without a taste. Flavors range from the classic to the crazy, and the handwritten signage tells you that the options change frequently. Since all of the gelato is made with an old-school Italian recipe with all of the finest ingredients, you can’t choose a bad one. For something extra decadent, try a gelato fritter sandwich, affogato, or one of their blended milkshakes. Prices start at $5 for the small cup, but the staff mounds it up, and the tiny spoon lets you eat it slowly and savor every bite. 

Old Town Dolci Gelati Café is right across from the Fairfax Street park.