Waterskiing Santa: A Holiday Tradition Returns to Alexandria on Dec. 24


Just because you don’t live in Florida doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a little watersports fun during the holiday season. You’ve got Waterskiing Santa! This long-running holiday show features the Big Guy gliding over the water, plus plenty of other seasonal fun. Crazy elves, the occasional Grinch, and more characters will be doing flips and tricks at this year’s show. And because it is on December 24, the event makes a great holiday tradition to get one last glimpse of Santa before he leaves for his yearly gift-giving mission. And even better? Waterskiing Santa is completely free. Grab the kids and head to the Old Town Alexandria Waterfront between the Torpedo Factory and Point Lumley Park at 1 p.m. Let your little ones shout for Santa and take in some good cheer, all with enough time to get to your holiday dinner and have the kids tucked in tight for the big day. 

Waterskiing Santa is always looking for volunteers and sponsors to keep the show going, so if you are good on the water or can find another way to help, consider making the show part of your yearly holiday celebration.