Enjoy a Grab-and-Go Breakfast at Bagel Uprising, Now Open Near The Beacon of Groveton


A good bagel place isn’t just a storefront that sells baked goods. It’s part of people’s morning routine, a place that helps you get your day started throughout the year. At least that’s the view of the team behind Bagel Uprising, the new small-batch bagel bakery in Del Ray. After a few years of success as a booth at local farmers markets, Bagel Uprising moved into its first brick-and-mortar location this fall, and has enjoyed steady success here ever since. 

What’s the secret? To hear the staff tell it, it’s just about keeping things simple. The bagels only have five ingredients–flour, yeast, salt, malt, and brown sugar–and the kitchen offers a straightforward menu with just a few simple variations. Bagels come in plain, salt, poppy, sesame, and everything flavors, along with cinnamon bagels for folks with a sweet-tooth. Regular customers recommend the dilly whitefish bagel sandwich, or a traditional toasted everything with the schmear of your choice.