Break Out of a Mealtime Rut With Takeout From Bonchon

Next time you’d like to get delivery or takeout instead of cooking, consider heading online and ordering from Bonchon. This Korean restaurant chain has been around for nearly two decades, thanks to its popular signature dish: crunchy, double-fried chicken drizzled with your choice of finger-licking house-made sauces. You can order traditional wings or boneless tenders in 8, 10, 20, or 30-piece combinations, and you can top your order with soy garlic sauce if you prefer a savory flavor, or go for sweet crunch sauce if you’ve got a sweet tooth (spicy, sour and other flavors are also available).

Interested in enjoying a more traditional Korean meal? No problem. This place also serves udon noodle soup, bibimbap, chicken katsu, bulgogi, and more. You can also have many of the restaurant’s dishes prepared as Korean-style tacos or wraps. Delivery and curbside pickup are both available (see details online).