For Five Coffee Roasters: Taste What the ‘Buzz’ Is About


In 2010, lifelong friends Stefanos Vouvoudakis and Tom Tsiplakos took the plunge and founded their own coffee company in New York. Since then, they’ve been busy expanding that company, For Five Coffee Roasters, through partnerships with coffee farmers, opening new shops up and down the east coast, and (most importantly) serving great coffee to loyal customers. The newly opened Alexandria location has garnered plenty of positive buzz so far, thanks to its combination of traditional coffee-to-go service, as well as in-cafe seating with an extended food menu. Get your latte with a simple pastry and head out the door if you’re in a rush, but if you’ve got time, regulars recommend that you sit down and enjoy it with grilled cheese sandwich and arugula salad (or choose a mug of steaming tea to enjoy with a bowl of granola-topped oatmeal). Whatever you choose, you’ll be able to savor it in the shop’s cheerful, bright atmosphere.