Spend a Sunny Day at Windmill Hill Park


Next time you want to head outside for a bit of exercise (or just to enjoy some fresh air and sunshine) consider making Windmill Hill Park your destination. This popular Alexandria park (often called Lee Street Park by locals) does not deliver what its name implies–in other words, there’s no longer a windmill here! But in recent years the park has undergone a major revitalization that has given residents better access to the nearby walking and jogging trails running alongside the Potomac River, and helped restore the native habitats along shoreline itself. The other side of the park—across South Union Street and reachable via a quaint wooden bridge—is very family friendly, with playground equipment, swings, picnic areas, a basketball court, and big open stretches of green lawn. Whether you’re visiting for a bit of quiet solitude, or looking for a fun day out with the kids, this part can be a good choice.