Enjoy a Taste of the Caribbean at Ruby’s Jamaican Kitchen


Ruby immigrated from Jamaica to the U.S. more than 30 years ago, but she continues to celebrate her birthplace through her cooking. In 2010, she launched a Jamaican catering business. And just last month, she realized a new dream—even in the midst of a difficult time for small businesses—when she opened Ruby’s Jamaican Kitchen.

The community has rallied around Ruby and her new business venture, lavishing the restaurant with rave reviews in its first few weeks. Order online and pick up lunch to-go, like the Jamaican jerk chicken with rice and veggies, one of the most popular dishes. Don’t miss your opportunity to taste Jamaica’s natural fruit, ackee, with a side of saltfish. Brown stew fish, curry goat, and barbecue jerk ribs are just a few of the other options on the menu at Ruby’s Jamaican Kitchen.