Explore Local History at the Alexandria History Museum at The Lyceum


Since opening its doors in the 1830s, the Alexandria Lyceum has a long and storied history of providing enriching cultural opportunities to the local community. Today that tradition continues with the Alexandria History Museum at The Lyceum. The museum is currently open to the public, at 25% capacity, with limited hours and mask requirements (which means it’s important to reserve your timed tickets in advance). Once you’re in the museum there’s plenty to see and do. The current photography exhibit, Witnessing Worship, contains more than 100 images depicting the different faith traditions and practices that have characterized worship in this region for generations. The museum also has a number of historical artifacts on display, ranging from the massive Fresnel lens from Jones Point Lighthouse, to 19th century military uniforms, to everyday household objects, like pottery, sewing supplies, and grooming tools. Regulars note that the museum’s manageable size makes it possible to explore the entire space in under an hour.