Craving Bubble Tea at The Beacon of Groveton? Head to Yagút Street!


“Treat yourself.” That’s the motto at Yagút Street, one that’s emblazoned in pink neon across an Instagrammable backdrop of bright faux flowers. The flower wall is reason enough for some to visit the tea shop and snap a photo of their equally stunning cup of tea or Vietnamese coffee—but the fact that these drinks also happen to be delicious certainly is an added perk.

Yagút Street specializes in customizable bubble tea beverages that always feature unexpected flavors. Take, for example, the White Rabbit. This beverage features a sweet milk candy tea flecked with taro crystals and cherry blossom boba. Want a jolt of caffeine from your beverage? Try the popular iced Vietnamese coffee—it’ll get you going even on a chilly day! The shop also boasts delicious gelato, a denser cousin to ice cream that’s appropriate for all seasons.